Thursday, 4 August 2011


So....after our lovely Pizza in Panjim with Leo and Lena, we became really good friends, so much so that we all decided to travel south together. Our journey started at 8am heading for train to get to Southern Goa...we decided that Palolem would be our next destination. We where all in search for relaxation and possibility of sun. Well....9 hours later, we arrived and the heaving rainfall welcomed us as usual! The place is a quaint town with an amazing beach, you look out into the crashing waves and feel a sense of quietness and solitude, it is a strange feeling. Over the next three evenings, we ate tea with our freinds and met another 2 Germans Simona and Bastian (from Munich) who joined our little group. One night, we ordered a feast of curry, shark, crab and chicken....along with a lovely homemade naan. I have spent the last couple of days, walking in the heavy rainfall along the beach and reading....reading so much that I complete a superb book in one day...the kite runner!! We have our trains booked to head over inland to Hampi in the morning so I shall awaken at 5am and start our journey. Looking forward to Hampi (the ancient ruins) and more so that it is a truly spritual place, so think I will find more deepened reflections exploring the ancient city. Also, praying that it is at least dry with a possibility of sunshine....or am I asking too much? In a way with the huge journey ahead, the rain isn't particularly bothering me...the full wrath of the monsoon is an experience which is positive...even if when I venture outside for one minute I look as though I have jumped into a pool fully clothed!! Argh...the smell of beginning to grow on me!

Palolem Beach

Waiting for my flight

Evening with Bharat & Suwati

  2 Germans + 2 English + 1 Tuk-Tuk

Wonderful Monsoon

Nice walk along the beach

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