Friday, 26 August 2011

Varkala, Kovalam and the end of my Indian Journey...

How time passes you by unwillingly, this is possibly the quickest and also slowest past few weeks of my life, if that even makes sense. Let me explain...when you travel through India you are continually on the 'go' if you like, living out of your backpack, taking in everything; whether it be the smells of the spiced air, sounds of the crashing waves, smiles of the people who pass you by, it all overwhelms you and gives you a deepened experience. Therefore, I feel I have covered so much over these past few weeks, the endless people we have encountered, the cities, towns and villages which have been embarked upon and most of all, ate so much Indian food...that I will almost come to express my 'like' for it. So...having traveled further south, we arrived at Varkala not really sure what to expect. I was greeted with an amazing visual picture, a picture that you would frame and put on your bedroom wall. Varkala is set upon the cliff top and a small township almost of family run restaurants and accommodation, create the location of Varkala. The whole ambiance and atmosphere is euphoric, it's something I thrive upon, the free bohemian aura of it all. There is yoga everywhere and also the main hub for ayurvedic medicines and massages, thus, I allowed myself to enjoy the Varkala experience and joined in the bohemian lifestyle...well for the next 6days anyway. I spent my days overlooking the sea on the clifftops, walking to the secluded sanctuary of Black Beach and relaxed. Just before we left Varkala, I did what the burning question wanted me to and indulged in a massage from a professional place and my goddess for that beautiful hour was Ambily...who enabled me to truly relax and soothe my body of the acute niggles and aches.

We have almost become...beach bums, as traveled again south to Kovalam, another beach area, however, this doesn't have half the beauty of Varkala...however, it is nice to chill and relax for a couple more days, I think we deserve it. we venture over to Trivandrum for one final night down here, the flight is taken back to Bombay and then Asia awaits me. Reflecting is something I have always done in life, sometimes without necessarily even realising it, I did it even more so this past year, whether it be in studying, social or everyday decisions. I am the type of person who can be evidently indecisive, hard to believe but I even sweat over what chocolate bar to get in a sweet shop. Over the past few weeks, I have become more open, without trying to sound cliche or even more cheesy that I can be, I have learned so much from places, people and most of all myself. 

Even though I always drove the feminist independent branch, I feel so much more confident, empowered and most of decisive in myself as a person. This place has been special, truly enchanting in a means of understanding myself and also appreciating the things around me. This now makes me even more excited or what my journey ahead of me holds. All I know is that I am excited, enthusiastic and enlivened to the thoughts of what my Stray Asia experience will give, who knows, nobody knows, all I know is that I am in the now and happy and that is all that matters.                             

Enjoying the top of the lighthouse

Cooling off in the crashing waves

Enjoying my time at the beach

Varkala Views

My treat...mohito!

Under Baru's!

Building on the core and flexibility...

Picking up my morning fruit off Sabu (friendly fruit lady)

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