Monday, 19 March 2012

Western Australia...

Arriving into Perth on my JetStar flight, I braced myself for immigration. My previous experience of customs was not such an enjoyable one, on my last holiday heer, I was questioned in depth by an official on I was staying and the reasons for my holiday. This time though we blissfully strolled straight out of the airport. Passing through the exit doors I was so happy to see some of my family, my uncle John and aunty Susie. Sometimes, you don't realise but seeing a familiar face and somebody who is family, is comforting and happy to experience. Plus, getting to ride home in Uncle John's sky-blue classic Rolls Royce was a great journey back!

We enjoyed our first week in Perth, seeing lots of cultural places, from Yanchep National Park to underground caves and seeing plenty of kangaroo's and kuala's. We set off daily to explore the city, embracing the sunshine, the heat is on in Perth, its so hot that you feel instantly tired stepping out into the sunshine in the day. We visited Fremantle quite a few times, this is a place that is special in my heart. I am not sure exactly what it is about the place, but it almost feels as though you are stepping back in time and the architecture and ambiance of the place oozes relaxation, sunshine and calmness. I happily strolled the streets, enjoying an ice cream and even the traditional fish and chips on one sunny afternoon. 

My family made their home so welcoming to us and this is something I am grateful for, you don't realise or more so appreciate the small things in life. More than anything since being on my travels I looked forward to enjoying....a hot bubbly bath! So, within a day or two I had stocked up in taking a bubbly bath every other day, I caught up on my fix of tv and dvd's and more than anything just chilling, taking time to stay still, not always moving or living out of the backpack. I enjoyed taking the dogs Phoebe and Morse for walks around the dam, even one day when John saved Phoebe's life, as she swam out chasing ducks and due to her old age and not so good health had difficulties swimming back. John was the hero that day, stripping down to his boxers and racing out into the fresh water dam to save her, as she was just beginning to slip under, fighting for her life. When they clambered there way back to the side, it was very much touch and go for Phoebe, gasping for her every breath, but thankfully after a good few days rest; she was back to her normal self. It's even the small things I enjoyed about staying with family, spending evenings with them relaxing on the couch, making evening meals or even the simple things such a nice ole cup of tea! 

After spending an amazing two weeks with my family, we felt well and truly rested and almost eager to get back on the road and set of on the adventure. We decided to post an advert for rideshare across to Melbourne. After finding the perfect guy to share the trip with, we met for tea one evening and set out our plans of what our adventure would entail. So, the time has come to say farewell to my family, I am sad to say goodbye but then excited to start the next chapter on our adventure. After embracing the Aussie culture and Aussie way of life, all I can do is sit back and say 'no worries, no drama's'...Oz Style!

Seeing some Kuala's with my Uncle John

A cute kangaroo just bopping around his daily life

In Perth city centre, admiring the flowered swans

Checking out the city in the sunshine

Enjoying the watersports at Mandurah

John doing a wee bit of fishing on a Sunday afternoon
John outside the 'English Quarter'

Outside my family's home, the beautiful old dam and view from my room

Morse, John and Phoebe on a daily stroll
Enjoying the sunshine whilst exploring Perth

Off to buy some 'English' sweets in the quarter

Giving Phoebe a massage after her dramatic rescue

Enjoying a morning of ironing on an antique ironing board in Fremantle

The wonderful view from King's Park, admiring the city

I was playing and bothering or rather winding the cat up...beautiful TJ!

The delicious foods of Fremantle Markets

My lovely family...Uncle John and Auntie Susie

Promise not throwing myself off...on top of the tower over Perth

Me and John holding up a historic missle

Enjoying my day's in Western Australia