Friday, 19 August 2011

Bangalore and Mysore...

Having arrived into Bangalore at 6am, feeling the crisp morning dew of the city that surrounded me, I felt slightly fatigue and tired, desperately wanting to sleep in sort sort of comfort. Therefore, we bartered well with a taxi man who drove us to a fancy-style hotel where the price would not budge from what the calm man said at reception. With being so tired and also not in the best of moods, due to my lack of sleep on the overnight train, I ruefully accepted and marched up to my contemporary clean room. After around 5hours of good sleep, to which I instantly floated to the land of dreams as my head hit the pillow, we now set about our journey of exploration of the 'Big Bangalore'. A lot of people greeted us and we stopped off at our favourite and ever so commercialised 'Coffee Cafe Day' for afternoon beverage and bite, then wandered through the streets...exploring. A sense of 'Western' hits me with Bangalore, it is the most developed place I have been in India, to which it is the I.T hub and many plaza's amaze you and welcome you in with the clean marble coating and wonderfully air conditioned space. We spent the evening watching a 4D cartoon in one of the plaza's, that was a fun experience and when emerging in the evening, the spectacular night lights of illuminated signs and shops arrayed the city. 

The next morning was quickly passing, as I packed the backpack up, adjusted myself to spend a day travelling then headed to the train station to venture over to Mysore. On the observation hit me and that is how the Indian culture litters so much. It sounds strange, as the Indian culture has so many positives, close bonding family relationships, pleasant attitudes to welcome every human, a natural feeling of shanti which does have a contagious effect but most of all, the simple gesture of a smile, as almost every person I have met or greeted have always done so with a wonderful smile. Flashing back to my initial thought...the one negative I would draw my focus to on the train, is how Indian people litter and it is just regarded as something normal. That is something, I feel is a little disheartened, as it not only spoils certain aesthetic beauties but also causes sanitation problems. When I spoke to a local Indian boy about this, he tried to explain that it is just part of their own culture and that's what everybody does and they all literally do, I have seen it! Anyways....upon my arrival to Mysore, I was greeted with the strongest of heat and humidity in the air, it grasped its warmth throughout my body and was persistent in making me feel it. When settled into a hotel, I departed onto the street of hustle and bustle and generally everyday life in Mysore. It welcomed me with open arms, the sound of locals laughing, children playing and the tul-tuk beeps that zoomed through the air. Having bartered a good 'Indian' price with a tuk-tuk, a curry for lunch then the afternoon was spent at the spice market and then visiting a local factory where incense sticks are made, it was truly fascinating. The next day, the palace was the objective to explore...taking in the grand vast beauty that is central to the city of Mysore. Touring through the palace provided me with great appreciation for grand styles and architecture through the years and more evidently the appreciation and value that the Indian culture has for the Gods and the part religion plays within society. 

As dusk approached, we made our way to the bus station and mentally and physically prepared for the 12hour bus journey to Cochin. I must admit, I tried not to think so much of the journey I am prone to travel-sickness, therefore, I prepared by bringing 4lemons to eat if I felt the slightest bit queasy...I just prayed that the journey would run as smoothly (well not exactly smooth on the roads) as could be. 

Enjoying a beverage in Bangalore

Working away in the factory

Exploring the grounds of Mysore Palace

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