Sunday, 31 July 2011

Panjim Pizza

Having spent the past couple of days...chilling in the calm North Goa Coast...we have headed South to the captial of Goa...Panjim. Having stayed up in Baga Beach, enjoying the 'tourist' style of places...plenty of internet cafes, bars and restaurants, we ventured back into a city. Had we spoken to soon? it is a Sunday, everything in town is closed...even the churches! The guest house we have opted to stay 'Comfort Guest House' is a Portuguese style convent building, opting for the 300 rupee's a night for a room and shared bathroom. We ventrued onto the shackled streets and made the most of our day...firmly saying that we shall depart in the morning. Taking our usual afternoon coffee/tea break, bumped into a lovely German couple from Hannover; Leo and we are heading for pizza this evening with them for tea. Reflecting back...we have also made friends with a couple from Mumbai...Thursday evening we spent enjoying drinks and conversation...therefore, Bharat and Suwati will be our hosts for the one evening when we stay back in Mumbai! The monsoon winds are getting stronger...I am almost becoming used to the warmth of the water dropping down as I walk in my waterproofs and explore the places around me. It is something I will most likely 'need' to get used to, as it rains even more in the South!! Thinking for the next week or so, heading to South beaches....catch up on some reading and perhaps a massage. Hampi will soon be on destination, excited to see the ruins on a cultural perspective. Also...the 'lonelyplanet' South India guide has become not only our Bible; but our life...the maps, advice and even local terminology is a god-send...a valued investment!

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