Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mumbai Madness

Arrived in Mumbai at midnight....initially overwhelmed by the humid heat that swayed the air. Checked into Anjali Inn, friendly people who welcomed us and provided a basic clean room. The next morning, awakened and ventured out into Sakinaka...well we felt feeling of 'outside your comfort zone' at this point. After a lot of stares and beeps, we settled into a traditional cafe style place for breakfast....breaking the bank at 112rupee's! We then journeyed by tuk-tuk to Andheri to catch the train into Churchgate...upon arriving we had never seen so many people. A great sense of 'claustrophobia' even in this vast city, another aspect that stuck out; the sanitation. The place is quite dirty...mud and dirt everywhere! Apart from these factors...we explored the city and the people are friendly and nice sights to visit. After 2days of Mumbai....we had approached the decision that 2days was more than enough! We caught the overnight sleeper train from Mumbai to Old Goa, to which we seek calmness and some sort of openness of India...but what will await us?

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