Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Zealand...West Coast and North

As we cruised up along the West Coast of the South Island, we witnessed some amazing beaches, wildlife and landscapes. The West is famous for its spectacular glaciers, the world famous Fox Glacier and Franz Josef. We enjoyed our time travelling Northbound, visiting and doing our own walks upto the Glaciers and witnessing this wonder. 

The one thing that sticks in my mind is the Southern Apline mountains, especially during sunset, the sun bounces off the snow capped mountains and creates an ambiance of calm and warmth in the air. All I could do is stand and stare! As we ventured North, we visited lots of towns and met so many nice people. The amount of cows, sheep and deer we crossed paths with along our journey was unreal, the landscape is so full of life. 

We ventured further North towards Abel Tasman, a huge National Park region at the top of the South Island. This was a magical place, filled with lots of colourful plants and blue clear skies. We spent our days, enjoying the scenic views and brisk walks. As we concluded our South Island journey, we reached Piction, the place to catch our car ferry across the Cook Strait in order to arrive in the North Island of New Zealand. We cherished our last few days in the South Island, its so hard to express what I experienced. The landscape is so inspiring and its hard to believe it has so much to offer on one small island. As we waved farewell to the South Island and looked upon the North Island in the distance, I felt slightly queasy, not because I was sad to leave but more about the rocking of the boat and my urge to throw up...

Enjoying a walk along the beach, stopping off along the West Coast

Admiring the sunset in the South Island

A little jump after walking upto the Glacier (behind me!)

Loving the Malborough Sounds in the North

One of my favourite sunsets on my whole journey

Waking up and this is my view...tranquility

Tucking into my morning breakfast...porridge and honey!

The beautiful North of the South Island of New Zealand

Saying farewell to the South Island of New Zealand...

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