Monday, 6 August 2012

New Zealand...Milford Sound, Queenstown & Wanaka

Arriving into Te Anau, I felt happy. The journey up was relaxing and the weather was good even though it was chilly. The place we opted to stay was a 'free' campsite, so I didn't feel on edge to sneak out early in the morning, I could truly relax. After driving almost 20km on a gravel track to reach our site, we arrived and the first important thing we needed to do, was put the kettle on.

This was a secluded little spot, which was tranquil, calm and peaceful. That was until we suddenly heard the thunder of a chopper helicopter above our heads, carrying along with it lots of dead wild deer. Venison is big meat over here, one of which we became to enjoy on many occasions cooking at the back of our camper. Later that evening our friends Sam and Steve joined us and we relaxed in the peaceful setting Te Anau. We all booked onto the Milford Sound boat tour, so we shared the tricky ride West, weaving through the mountains, creeping through mountain tunnels and witnessing some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. We all opted to stay the evening there, we where due our weekly wash by that time anyways, so I indulged in a hit shower and clean hair! The boat cruise was brilliant, witnessing the sounds looking tall, majestic and inspiring. The tranquility remains and was something I enjoyed so much. This was one of my favourite places in the whole of New Zealand. Truly magical!

After spending some time in the Fjorlands, in which we camped by the world's deepest lake, we headed to the big place of 'Queenstown', this is a huge tourist hub. The seasonal resort is a vast location for all winter sports and reminds me so much of an alpine town with character and cold weather. We experienced the buzz of Queenstown and explored the many attractions, we decided to head ourselves North, as I was really keen on travelling up the West Coast. 

After departing Queenstown we called upon a quaint town called Arrowtown, lots of vintage shops and traditional homes, I felt like I was time travelling back 100 years. We opted to take the scenic route and drove through the Crown Ranges, this was a magnificent drive, so much to see. I literally weaved through the mountains constantly looking around myself, admiring all the beauty I was surrounded in. It has an awe factor in every place I visit, that's when I began to realise New Zealand was creeping into my heart. Lake Wanaka greeted us with a clean crisp air and we explored the lake and town, taking it easy in the afternoon. Heading to our evening campsite, I reflected on the beauty this country holds and how happy I was on my travels and in life. Waking to a magical view in the morning, we pushed on to head to the West and finally North, feeling I never wanted my South Island experience to end...

With Steve, Sam and Steve enjoying the landscapes of New Zealand

The beauty is endless on the South Island

The magical Milford Sound...

The four of us on our boat enjoying Milford South

Taking a break from driving through the Crown Ranges

Waking up to this beautiful scene, the deepest lake in the world

Joking around in Lake Wanaka

Making my way North, admiring the beauty as we drive on...

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