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The Outback Roadtrip...WA to Adelaide

So we embarked on our adventure into the outback across this vast, magnificent landscape. Firstly whizzing out of Perth we ventured inland towards a place called Kalgoorlie. Kalgoorlie is famous for being the 'richest mile' in Australia. It is a town based purely on mining and is most famous for its 'Super Pit', a gigantic pit that is mined for raw gold. So, we embraced a new hobby of gold prospecting, searching for a small nugget of gold that will make me filthy rich, unfortunately this time round I was not so lucky and could only manage to find crystalised rocks and pebble stones. 

As a bit of background, our adventure all started through a man called Nader, Nad or Nade as we each refer to him. He is an Australian guy who was travelling on a sort of holiday back to Melbourne his hometown. He treated the trip like a holiday, which was brilliant for us, as we could all enjoy the trip at a leisurely pace and take in the real beauty of Australia. He supplied us with camping equipment and we all chipped in on fuel and food. So after stocking up, we all shared the the 'Smooth Suzie Subaru', such a nice car to drive! 

Nader has a PhD in Physics and was interested in visiting the Super Pit, so we managed to arrive on the right day, when once a month the town offers free tours into the pit with a tour guide providing information. It was fascinating to see the whole processes that are involved in this industry and also shocked by how much wealth is generated. The workforce is a high percentage of female truck drivers, its a dangerous job and safety is key, therefore, with women being the better specie oh I mean driver (my feminist side barking out!), lots of the employee's on this mine are females. They work long and sloggish shifts, twelve hour days or nights and they are paid around 95 thousand and John seriously considered applying for a job! 

After camping around Kalgoorlie, we headed South venturing towards the famous stretch of the 'Nullabor'. This is a stretch of road that is so desolate that when you finally manage to see another car passing you, it is tradition to each give each other a wave...I did many a time. Each night we camped in the outback, pulling into the Western Australia's reddish sands, under the grub of gum tree's. We slept under the array of stars and universe, this became our means of entertainment, identifying stars, correlations and viewing the planets. I was in total wonder and happiness being able to peacefully sit and admire the orange glow of Mars, the beaming glistle of Venus and Jupitar, it was spectacular. Having no light pollution and being in total wilderness was uplifting for the soul but also sets in an eeriness of total isolation....I loved it!

As we furthered along the Southern Coast, we opted to stop off many times along the way, taking in the natural beauty of the land and reflecting on this epic journey. One evening we decided to take a chance and camp around 20metres away from the vast cliffs edge, looking out into the Great Australian Bight, a deep blue mass of crashing waves and home to whales, sharks, dolphins and many of the world's best marine life. The wind grew stronger and as we sat and watched sunset, it was physically enchanting to feel the cold air grasp around you and the sun gentle meander towards the seabed. This was one of the highlights to my roadtrip, the total tranquility and openess of the land.

We journeyed further across in the Suburu, cruising comfortably along the highway. It's strange after not driving for so long, I really enjoyed the long hours of driving, with our music blasting along the way, interesting conversations and stopping to greet wildlife, bumping into wild emu's, kangaroo's and many lizards along the way. As we ventured into Southern Australia, we camped one evening on a beach called Streaky Bay. The beach was deserted and really beautiful in it's stretch of golden sands. The tide of water was way out at the time, so we quickly set up our room for the night and made sure we had time to take in the sunset. That evening was the most memorable sunset's of my life, it was magical in the colours projected into the sky, the universe feeling so close and the total calmess in the air. I just sat and enjoyed it all, trying to cherish every bit of the sunset as I knew it was something special. So darkness fell and we settled into eating our evening meal, as the darkness was harsh it wasn't until later we looked around only to notice we where surrounded by over a hundred beetles, which resembled black cockroaches! I felt uneasy, even though they are not harmful, they are not the nicest creature trying to run over your feet and legs. After becoming comfortable with our new neighbours, I looked by John's chair only to spot a baby scorpion, we all became alarmed, Nader grabbing an axe! Then we realised there where 3 baby sized scorpions, so within 2 minutes a huge mummy scorpion appeared, I felt quite sickly at this point. Thankfully, we ushered them away and no harm was done. Even when we settled into our tents to sleep that evening, I did not sleep so well, listening to the rustling of the beetles, the shadow's of the scorpions and the nighttime mice running over the tent trying to eat the velcro...yeah definitely not the best sleep of my life! Reflecting back to the sunset on this beach though, this is one of the best experiences of my life and I still think back and smile now to that evening, these journeys and life experiences is what makes my adventure so memorable.

We finally set off again heading towards Adelaide. Me and John had arranged to stay with a wonderful lady we met in Vietnam called Olympia. When we travelled through Vietnam, we always met up with Olympia and her two sons, Pan and Haris. Olympia was really kind and said to come and stay with her when we visited Adelaide. So, arriving into the 'Festival State', we headed to Olympia's home. Arriving into our first major city for the whole of the roadtrip, you begin to resonate on the actual size and vastness this country consists of. There are so many different landscapes, wildlife, cultures, climates and even time difference between states over here. I was happy to greet city life and embrace Adelaide with openess and a welcoming from a beautiful lady who cared for us and treated us so well. More importantly, I was most excited about having an actual 'real' bed to sleep on for the of the best nights sleep of my life!

Note: I have included a vast amount of pictures on this one, such an amazing experience for me, I really had to. Hope you enjoy...

My surprise and happiness of a free tour to the 'Super Pit'

The famous 'Gold Mine' of the Super Pit

Me and Nader observing the mine

A 4 million pound truck, one of 32 working the mines

Camping in the outback...dusty red WA land

All ready for sunset after putting up the tent

Enjoying our evening meal and enjoying a beverage too...

The sunset of the outback near Kalgoorlie

John and Nader preparing the evening meal

John exploring the Gold Mine museum

Having a wander through the 'Gold Vault' in Kalgoorlie

The famous 'Golden Mile', this is what thrives in Australia

Holding a ten thousand pound nugget of gold...super rich!

My treat while visiting a town...shake & cake
Cruising along the outback roads near sunset

Pulling up for a toilet break in the bush...literally!

John chilling by the desert landscape

I feel so small compared to the size of this country

Driving along the you can see, limited congestion...

Stopping at a weird and unusual outback petrol station to be greeted by this exhibition

Overlooking the landscape along the 'Nullabor'

Taking a rest on our epic journey...

The amazing views along our roadtrip

The landscape beginning to change slightly...

One of my driving stretches, notice the sand is changing colour (from red to golden)

Admiring the rocks along the 'Nullabor' next stop for this sea is Antarctica...

John blowing in the wind sitting on the edge of the cliffs

Overlooking these amazing cliffs, that roll on for miles

On the edge of the cliff

Such an enlightening experience, looking out into the sea from this spot

Having a moment to reflect upon my whole adventure

One of my favourite parts of the roadtrip was along the 'Nullabor' cliffs

Not a person around for miles, plus a couple of hours drive each way to civilisation

One of my greatest experiences in my life

Such great experience that we opted to camp and stay near the edge of these cliffs

Me and Nader bracing the winds awaiting sunset

Sitting in my chair taking in the sunshine

John enjoying his walk along the cliffs, awaiting sunset

Loving the fresh air, open landscape and total freedom

Pondering my thoughts whilst watching the horizon

This was amazing to watch, really beautiful moment

Back on the road, playing one of the holes on the world's longest golf course

Arriving into Streaky Bay, to be greeted with this beauty

Quickly throwing the tent up to make sure I have time to enjoy the sunset surrounded by only ourselves

This is the view from our tent, watching the tide flow out

Enjoying the sunset on our private beach with nobody for miles, just the environment and it's beauty

This is such a calming and quiet place

Listening to the sounds of the water, watching sunset

As Nader goes for a walk, I jump and make myself into an angel

This is one of my favourite and memorable experiences...notice the two planets....Venus and Jupiter

Back on the road...enjoying my driving

Stopping off at a remote old village, now historical site in total outback on dirt tracks

This used to be a hotel for cattle drover's travelling across outback

Back on the road, my turn to drive us across East

The open landscape filled with wild emu's and kangaroo's

John enjoying the mountains and the landscape around him

After a long slog of driving, taking in the landscape around me

Treating ourselves to camping in National Park...enjoying a hot shower!

A wild and rare rock wallaby near Aboriginal Heritage Site

Climbing the heritage site to view the landscape up in the rocks

Historical and thousands of years old Aboriginal Art Work

Taking in the landscape with nobody around us for miles...only the wildlife!

The rocks around this cave which is millions of years old

Arriving into Adelaide, walking along the promenade

Loving the beach life here, walking in the sunshine

Observing people and families having fun on a Saturday afternoon

Taking in the landscape of Adelaide

Catching a glimpse of a Bull Seal, playing around the jetty with everyone

Looking out and feeling happy in Adelaide

Walking back at sunset to grab some food

Enjoying the sunset in Adelaide

An amazing sunset whilst enjoying some food, looking out into the sea

John tucking into his fish and chips

Enjoying my fish and chips watching the sunset in Adelaide

Having a morning stroll along the beach

John getting up close & personal with a bird on the beach

The bird now posing for a picture with me

Walking along the beach in Adelaide

John working his 'man' skills, sorting out the bbq in Olympia's

Emma dishing up the delicious food for our lunch in Adelaide

Olympia and Emma finishing off lunch...Greek style!

In the Adelaide Fring Festival, me and the headliner 'Jesus'

Me with an amazing family

John and everyone, while we are all out enjoying the festival in Adelaide

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