Saturday, 14 April 2012

On the Road...Adelaide to Melbourne

After staying with the wonderful Olympia in Adelaide, we spent our final evening at the Fringe Festival viewing lots of art, theatre and performance works...I felt in heaven! We made an early start as we opted to head through 'The Grampian's' National Park with Nader, taking time to explore the outdoors and nature of the reserve. The drive through the park was brilliant, slowly creeping around bends and meandering around the mountains. The open landscape felt so rich and fresh, there was even a beautiful scent of eucalyptus in the air for all the koala's to eat! After spending most of the day in the National Park, we opted to get the tents up and enjoy the outdoors once again. 

After a natural nights sleep, we headed South, heading towards the start of the famous 'Great Ocean Road', this is a road that covers the Coast of Victoria, the state of Australia. The views along this drive are spectacular, viewing sand-dusted cliffs and crashing waves along our journey. The weather was changing as we ventured further East and the wind was growing fast. We ensured we took time to stop off at nearly every viewpoint, taking in this natural beauty and admiring the scenic landscape. It was so different to anything else we had viewed on this road trip. It's strange, the state of Victoria really reminds me of England, similar views, smells and almost in appearance. Even though I was probably at the furthest point from home, I had never felt so much closer, was really nice and comforting for me. As the pink sky creeped through the clouds, we admired our last look-out point and then headed for some camping ground. Our final evening together, myself, John and Nader. We enjoyed the evening with some tea and biscuits listening to the wind roar through our tents. The next morning, I felt eager and excited to head to Melbourne, as I was about to see my family for the first time in a while. We where staying with my cousin Kevin and his lovely wife Emma, they had recently emigrated over from Liverpool and have totally integrated and absorbed Melbourne way of life and are so happy over here. I love talking to them as they always make me feel happy and so appreciative of what I am doing on my journey around the world. we drove Susie the Suburu for the last time into the city, I felt a mix of emotions, excitement for the next part of my journey in Australia and seeing family but also slight sadness to say farewell (only for a while) to Nader after having such an amazing road trip across lands of Oz!

Heading back into the outdoors...setting up camp we had an extra friend help us!

Enjoying a morning walk through 'The Grampian's National Park'

The beautiful landscape of The Grampians

Enjoying the fresh air and being back on the road

Starting our journey on the 'Great Ocean Road'

Enjoying the scenic beauty of the natural cliffs and rocks

Admiring sunset just as we set up camp for the night

Morning stop off looking inside the cliffs

This one is 'London Bridge', note how the other arch fell down a couple years back

All of us together at 'London Bridge' look-out

Further along the Great Ocean Road, enjoying a walk into one of the bays

In the Otway National Park, searching and finding a wild koala

Spotting another little man, taking it easy on a branch for the day

Final part of the Great Ocean Road, stopping in some stormy weather for a bit of fresh air

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