Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Melaka...majestic lanterns & mini markets...

Arriving into Melaka Sentral was a smooth and comfortable ride. We ventured through the station and hopped onto the local bus to head towards the town square and more importantly Chinatown, the area we had decided to stay. As we departed the bus in the centre of town, the first thing that hits you is the traditional colonial feel that this place holds. The 'British' influence is grand, this is observed through many of the old buildings architecture and style, the side of road that is driven on in Malaysia and most shockingly or more so to me it was....Malaysia has English plug sockets!! It's sometimes the small things I am most fascinated by and this was one of them. Melaka is a very traditional town, life is no rush and Chinatown is graced with narrow streets which display beautiful lanterns hanging outside every persons home. 

We randomly bumped into an English guy who offered to show us a room, as we where just wandering along looking for a place to stay. The place was called Jalan Jalan and it was very bohemian yet simple. I loved it. The uber artistic atmosphere that oozed along the walls, the open area had a huge creamy couch where you could lounge and read a book. There was facilities to browse the internet, listen to music, read from the mini library and most of all relax. The room was quite modern and we overlooked the street, with a huge rectangular window that allowed the gusty wind to cool and ventilate the room. We ventured into the evening with many others staying at Jalan Jalan, we opted to walk a small distance until we reached a busy restaurant. This restaurant was filled with many locals, a sign that it is god cooking and most of all friendly staff. We ate at Puk Petra Restaurant, this was a Pakistani restaurant that offered spicy, mild and homemade Melaka cuisine. I opted to eat a curry and it was super tasty and delicious, a pleasant evening had by all. The next day we explored Melaka, taking in the sights and ambiance that filled this whole enchanted town. The evening involved visiting the main market which was situation in the heart of the town, you had stalls filled with foods, clothes, random items and even entertainment. There was a stage where locals performed, ensuring all the crowd became involved, I observed from the back, soaking in the sights and sensations of the true Melaka experience. 

I could have easily have stayed longer in this small majestic town, however, with time permitting slightly on my travels, the decision was made to venture to Singapore. After enjoying breakfast, it was back to Melaka Sentral to hop on a bus to Singapore. As we got there, the Chinese woman was quickly ushering us to outside the station, here we realised that she had called the bus that had left 5mins ago back to pick us up, otherwise we would have had to wait 5 hours for the next bus. We thanked both her and the driver immensely and scooped ourselves into the nearest available seats. The driver was friendly and ensured we had a safe journey down to Singapore, as we ventured to both sides of immigration, he explained everything to us and even kept a look out and waved to us, once he would spot us in the crowd. A nice genuine guy who wants to help you, makes you feel safer and happier in your journey. As the rain crashed along the windows of the bus, I became excited and also intrigued to see what Singapore, an even more diverse and affluent country has to offer...

Wandering around the town of Melaka

Eating some local street food...tasty!

The colourful and imaginative tuk tuk's around town

Having a browse through the market

I do love a 'bargain'!!

On the way into the museum, with the brightly painted walls

A famous statue in town...weighing up my buffness!

Heading home, onto the street we live on

Outside the front door, this captures the essence and beauty of Melaka way of life

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