Friday, 13 January 2012

Kuala Lumpur or KL as I now refer...

I arrived into Kuala Lumpur feeling sleepy yet with a hint of excitement as the bus dropped us into the centre, which even at 3.30am hustled and bustled with life. The journey South from Thailand ended up taking us around 16 hours, but it was a comfortable journey with lovely people who looked after us on the journey down. When we departed the bus, the first element that overwhelmed me was the vast concrete skyscrapers that filled this vibrant city. Everything has a feel of contemporary and modern architecture flushes through the skies of KL. As we didn't want to pay for a nights accommodation by arriving at 4am, we opted to throw ourselves into the only cafe type of place open, good ole McDonald's!! We ventured upstairs with our backpacks on and armed with a fresh cup of tea and coffee, only to be met by ten other backpack type of travelers doing the exact thing we where doing, I see here great minds think alike. The time passed quickly, by the time I had a read and enjoyed my cup of tea, we headed over to a hostel around 7am. Here, we checked in to a tiny cube shaped room, which literally only had space for the small double. The mattress was as thick as a baby changing mat and you could feel every piece of the metal frame of the bed underneath it. Surprisingly, we where able to crash out into our cot and have a good couple of hours sleep before we began our adventure around the city. 

When we awoke, the guesthouse was filled with life and unusual smells. The hostel is owned by a Chinese family and the reception area has its own aquarium, filled with two small turtles and huge fish, was an interesting place to stay. Outside, the sun was shining and the humidity clung to my skin as tight as it could, within a couple of minutes you already feel fatigue and the sweltering heat as it drips you of energy. We explored the city, moving through Chinatown, through to Little India, managing to stop off for a curry lunch. We sat in the city centre park and took in the big city surrounding us, I really like the fact that KL tries to ensure there is still open spaces of nature, even in this concrete clad city. The evening was spent on the rooftop of our hostel overlooking the majestic landscape and finally having a wander through the night market below. The infusion of sights, smells and seriously good bargains was a brilliant way to end my evening. 

The next day we ventured through the city again, making our way over to the Petronas Towers, this is a famous landmark within KL. The sheer presence and power they project is overwhelming, it is a beautiful building, filling the sky with an inspiring shape that almost compliments KL as a city. I spent the next 30 minutes standing outside staring up towards the sky, amazed by the buildings and how cool they are to see. Inside, we ventured into a shopping mall, there are over a 100 shopping malls with plenty of brands covering this diverse city. As the afternoon followed, we headed back to the hostel, collected our backpack and made way for our journey heading to Melaka. Even the journey to the main station is super efficient, the people are so friendly and helpful and the bus station is magnificent. Sounds almost plausible to say how great a bus station is...I must stress it is a beauty! The place was amazingly clean, open and contemporary and it ran efficiently and all on time, with a bus departing every 3minutes, I left as a customer highly satisfied. Therefore, my journey through Kuala Lumpur has come to an end, a diverse city that has many people of all backgrounds (Indian,Chinese & Malay population) living and working together. The city boasts so much nature and yet smart, constructive architecture of buildings that swarm through the air, making KL a city that I thoroughly enjoyed. As I jostle along the highway, eagerly awaiting the coastal town of Melaka...

Enjoying the humidity of Kuala Lumpur

Needing a cool down after walking all day long

Standing on the old cricket pitch in Kuala Lumpur

The inspiring power of the Petronas Towers

Inside one of a 1000 shopping malls in the city

Having a rest after exploring the whole of Kuala Lumpur on foot

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