Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Glorious Beach time...Nha Trang to Muine

Arriving at dawn to the welcoming feeling of sunshine, a warm breeze in the air and the feeling of chilled beaches, Nha Trang welcomed me with an array of moped men, shouting 'Easy Rider', it was almost comical to see lots of Vietnamese guys on huge motorbikes on every street corner, suited and booted with helmets and leathers. My main priority was one more so important to me...the beach! I spent the next six days, reading on the beach, splashing in the salted sea, as the small but gusty waves washed over me.

On my third day, we ventured on a bicycle up to the 'Spa', this is a place where you can search for total relaxation and enjoy some spa treatments too. The price was superbly cheap, the whole day setting me back 3pounds. We cycled through Nha Trang, waving to locals and manoeuvring our way through sometimes crazy traffic, after many twisting narrowed streets, the arrival at our destination of the 'Spa'gave feelings of excitement. The day entailed an initial cold shower to wash off the excess dirt on our bodies. The real enjoyed was what followed...45mins in a mus bath! The sensations I experienced was most unusual, the mud is so creamy and smooth, you can instantly feel it cleansing through your skin, as you float freeily in the mud. Therefore, the lovely long soak in the mud bath was fun and enjoyable. Afterwards, was sunhine time, allowing the mud to stick, then you have a normal shower, followed by a shower which shoots water aggressively at your body. Then, a wonderful experience was the nicest of my journey, my first bath in over 3months...glorious! The hot mineral bath allowed my skin to feel squeaky clean, refreshed and the warmth was soothing. Evidently, after all my 'baths', the afternoon was spent sunning myself by the hot and cold pools.

As we departed Nha Trang in the early morning, the bumpy journey was headed to Muine, I was most excited to stay here. Even though I enjoyed Nha Trang, the development of tourists and long spiralled streets of bars and restaurants became almost irritating. I felt that what I needed was more tranquillity and more so 'off the beaten track' type of place. Therefore, when arriving in Muine, I felt anxious to see whether this place was one that could fulfil my feelings that I most longed for.

So, you may be waiting with curiosity or anticipation on evidently was my search for tranquillity fulfilled, to tell you the truth I would say it was not met, it was surprisingly exceeded. Muine is a place that is filled with beauty, in terms of its landscape, people and food. The beach is the hub and heart of the whole town, the huge stretch of golden sands plays host to many locals and travellers together. The town is a key area for kite surfers and the whole approach of 'mellow' living. Which in a way relfected our secnd choice of accommodation, staying at the...'Mellow Guesthouse', wonderful. Our initial place of accommodation, which we stayed for two nights may have been used by what I may say 'ladies of the night', given the fact that it was situated between two 24 hour spa's and many strange people entered the rooms from dawn til dusk...interesting!

The next week I spent relaxing and taking in the natural beauty and awe of Muine. We visited a fantastic place on the outskirts of the town. Driving down to the sand dunes in an original military jeep, then spending the whole afternoon sand boarding and sledging down the vast sand dunes. The strength of the wind smmothly hurling sand across the peak of the dune was overwhelming, but the sensation when you dive head first on your sledge down the sand dune was brilliant, I loved it all. The local people always engaged in conversation, plus the taste of the fresh food was delicious and enough to make me eat three course meals the whole week...even on a backpacker budget. After my enjoyable week, the time came to head to the city agagin, that's when the bus was booked to go to Saigon for a 2am pickup, oh well it's all part of the experience. After having a few...ok many Saigon beers, I departed Muine and had a pleasant sleep to Saigon, or otherwise known as Ho Chi Minh City.

Eating a local snack on Nha Trang Beach

DIY BBQ...we cook our own BBQ dinner in Nha Trang

Walking through Nha Trang at night time

At the 'Spa'...having my first 'real' wash in 3months!

Overlooking Nha Trang from the beach

Walking along Muine Beach

Enjoying the sunset by the beach

Observing the kite surfers and local lady selling fruit

Walking the local stream, before going the dunes

The beautiful sand dunes of Muine

Flying head first down the dune at a good speed...adrenaline junkie!

On my way back up...ready for another sledge

Chilling by a restaurant/bar pool...I bought the cheapest cup of tea so I could stay all day long.
Overlooking the Fishing Village in Muine

Fishing Village in Muine

Taking a snap of John as the sand storms past

Celebrating sunset on the sand dunes

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