Monday, 26 September 2011

Southern Laos

So my southward journey began and we rolled into a place called Thaket, spent most of the day walking through the vibrant streets and settled for evening tea at the night market. The net day was an early start and we headed towards Tad Lo, close to a place called the Bolaven Plateau, this is a province filled with coffee plantations and rice fields. We visited an amazing waterfall within this province, the whole experience of the waterfall and surrounding area was breathtaking to say the least. The water burst over the mountain rocks, flushing through the river and as it fell at the top, the water gushed strongly down the waterfall. However, the over-spray of water faintly and quietly floated through the air, passing through the tree's and bridge to which I stood. The water covered my whole body, so faintly it almost didn't feel real. The air was fresh, crisp and most of all flavoured with the moisture of this magnificent beauty of a waterfall that stood in front of me. As we journeyed further south, we reached Pakse, this was the most developed place of all the Southern provinces. Here, I explored more temples and overlooked the 'Mighty Mekong' over a sunset dinner. The most southern place reached was one of the four thousand islands, near the Cambodian border. This was a place called Don Det, a small island that oozed uber coolness and an ambiance so laid back, nothing much happened in this place. My whole time spent here was laying on floor cushions, listening to chilled beats on overlooking the river. It was just what I needed...relaxing time! 

So, here I am back up North now in Luang Prabang, a place I dearly love in Laos. I spend my days strolling through the streets, exploring temples and enjoying some Lao tea. However, what is so special and probably why I mostly love this place, is how it comes to life at night. The whole main street into Luang Prabang is filled with small red and blue market stalls, the whole night time food market is crowded with locals and travelers, eating side by side. The streets are filled with fairy lights that glow into the night and the warmth in the air is one that is filled with happiness. As I now prepare to repack by backpack....having washed all my clothes, it was very much needed, I shall await the 24 hour bus ride to Hanoi, Vietnam. I am sad to leave Laos, a place that has touched me so dearly, but I am even more so excited to see what Vietnam has to offer. 

Exploring the caves near Pakse

Enjoying an evening meal

The amazing waterfall

Luang Prabang's beautiful night market

Admiring sunset on the Mekong River

Night time approaching in the South of Laos

Strolling around Luang Prabang

Why I love Laos so much

Another day exploring the waterfalls

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